Types of Coffee Beans

Types of Coffee Beans

August 13, 2020 Off By admin

Have you tried all coffee beans in Abu Dhabi? If not, then you will regret if you would not start this journey. There are so many types of coffee beans. Many of them are must-try. Do you want to know some of them? If yes, then scroll down and get to know about some types!

  1. Arabica: It is the most popular coffee beans. Around 60 to 70 percent of beans produced in the world are Arabica. Arabica grown at high altitudes. They need shade and rainfall. They are bright in colour. They are delicate due to which it will be completely unsuccessful to grow coffee beans in wrong environment. They have different flavors and smells. Yet, the best taste can be achieved when the beans are brewed in hot water.
  2. Robusta: They are brave beans. They can grow in large range of climate. They can grow if there is less rainfall. They are less susceptible to diseases.  They are heavy in weight. Their caffeine level is high which means you can get the taste of coffee beans if you add sugar or cream in your mug. They have several varieties and each of them can withstand climatic changes. Hence, it is good to make Vitnamese coffee from robusta. You will get the dream taste.
  3. Liberica: Liberica beans have different taste. They taste woody and smoky. The beans got popular in 1890 when Arabica was destroyed by coffee rust. The Philippines started producing liberica. Yet, after their independence, USA cut off trade relations with them due to which they did not remain that popular anymore. However, people still buy them and get amazing flavors.
  4. Gesha: Gesha is the actual variety of Arabica. Its plants are tall. They have long leaves that look like beans. They grow in Panama. Their names was derived from Ethopian Village. They were harvested commercially after 1950s.
  5. Bourbon: It is another variety of Arabica. It was cultivated during 1700s when French brought Arabica to an island, Bourbon. Because of having some difference, it got popular in America as well. Unlike other varieties, Bourbon has more coffee cherries which make it must to harvest. There are further varieties of Bourbon in which Kenya Selected, N39, French Mission and many others are included.

So, these are a few types and varieties of coffee beans which can give you the best coffee. Adding different beans give different flavor. If you love to try different flavors then contact coffee machine suppliers in Dubai, get the machine and start trying.

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