How Is Playing Outside Beneficial For Children?

How Is Playing Outside Beneficial For Children?

December 19, 2019 Off By admin

In the 21st century, children tend to spend more time on their tablets and iPads than playing outside. This is affecting the life of children adversely and is resulting in a lower confidence level, less social interaction and low concentration on their studies. In a research it was found that children playing outside the house tend to have more communication skills and a better physical health than those playing inside on their phones.

There are a number of kids outdoor play sets which have various advantages for children. Playing outside is beneficial in a lot of ways for example,

Vitamin D deficiency is one of the demerits of staying inside the house. Children playing outside are reported to not have any vitamin D deficiencies because of being in the sun. 

Playing outside is important for the physical development of child. When they run, jump, walk, push or pull, they strengthen their muscles and bones.

Development in social skills is also caused by playing outdoors. Children make new friends in the parks and garden. They talk to them, understand them and learn manners by being with them. They learn to share things. And all this process of learning is not possible indoors.

Children who play outside look more happy and contented with their lives as compared to the ones who stay indoors.

Pineal gland of our body is stimulated by the outdoor lights which stimulates immune system. So playing outside also strengthens their immunity.

Children who play outside are quick learners and adopt new things very quickly.

They also start to love and praise nature. Love for nature is very significant and it can be developed in your child by making them play outside.

It also teaches them about taking risks as it is said that a person learns from experiences. Yes, your child might get injuries during this process but he will be sure not to do it because he/she will then know the consequences of it. 

So take your children outside the house and make them play in the parks, like you did in your childhood. Look after them so that they do not get into serious injuries but let them play. Find more ways to make the trip to the park or garden more interesting and make sure they spend plenty of time playing outside.

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