Catering tips every event planner should use

Catering tips every event planner should use

March 3, 2020 Off By admin

Managing events is a tough and costly job which most people hate but when they start doing it they realize that part of it is also fun and exciting. During all this, they do pick up a few tricks which we will be describing here. Keep on reading to write it in your mind:

  1. Choose rice or noodle dish

This is something which not many people know about. If you are arranging an event in day time then choosing breakfast and brunch items should be your top pick or if it’s a lunch menu then make sure that you are choosing a rice or noodle dish which can serve as ingredients in Thai, Italian or Chinese cuisine. The reason behind this is that this way you get to avoid meat which the pricy ingredient and go for fruits more.

  1. Choose the menu according to time of event

This is probably one of the biggest mistakes which most people make when they are choosing menu for their events. It is very important to take the time of event into account because that will determine if you should have a heavy three course meal menu or if a light brunch could also work. This is one of the things overlooked as most of the time dinners don’t need to be extra heavy as small amount of food can also work.

  1. Go for fancy snacks and variety of dishes

Starters are that one thing which most people would like to go for as that is the yummiest and delightful thing. These snacks will help contributing in filling the appetite as people will go light on main course. Include different main course dishes in the menu in small quantities so that you can save money on one big dish and people also get a variety to munch on.

  1. Save money on staff with buffet

This trick will change the game of catering companies in UAE as now you will be able save money on staff by getting self service buffet catering instead of a sit down meal. People get to choose what they eat instead of making them your royal highness. Or if you won’t like to serve whole meal on buffet, serve the side course like coffee or ice cream on buffet style catering.

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